Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) partners with Shiji to redefine the Luxury Guest Experience

BANGKOK, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) is proud to unveil a groundbreaking business model designed to foster profitability and accelerate revenue growth, while setting new benchmarks in the luxury industry. Under the visionary leadership of Deepak Ohri, LAMH is revolutionizing luxury experiences, aligning them with the human spirit and driving substantial financial results and customer’s recognition.

In response to a marked increase in non-performing assets within the hospitality sector, LAMH has emerged as the critical solution, expertly bridging customized experiences and its perception that not only redefine luxury but significantly elevate the organizations’ real estate value.

LAMH’s strategic emphasis is on boosting profitability, enhancing revenue streams, achieving industry-leading innovations, maximizing per-room earnings and profits, and vastly improving guest experiences in line with the brand’s vision.

“LAMH is ‘idea to execution’ solution; we serve as the navigational system and strategic guide that direct luxury businesses organizations toward excellence by concentrating on maximizing their profits per room,” stated Deepak Ohri.

The company builds its strategy around customer feedback, data analysis, and strategic actions to identify and fix the main problems that inhibit business growth. By deeply understanding and meeting the unique needs and desires of its customers and leveraging Shiji’s integrated technology solutions, from PMS, POS, and Guest Intelligent Platforms, LAMH will successfully enhance every aspect of the luxury experience, from guest interactions to operational efficiency while maintaining the true essence of each business.

LAMH Studio is another area where the company shines, offering services designed to help hotels launch outstanding new culinary concepts/experiences. Following strict standards of excellence and creativity, LAMH delivers complete dining experiences from concept development to menu design, all enhanced by Shiji’s F&B innovative solutions for smooth customer interactions. LAMH Studio also stands out with its custom restaurant designs that reflect the unique character and philosophy of each brand.

“With over 30 years of deep involvement in the luxury sector, I’ve gained a keen understanding of what truly captivates and retains discerning customers. To stand out in this competitive field, one must embody boldness, uniqueness, and a ceaseless drive for creativity. It’s about delivering an unparalleled experience that not only meets but surpasses customer expectations, ensuring they do not just visit once but are compelled to return repeatedly.” attested Deepak Ohri “This isn’t merely about offering luxury; it’s about crafting an unforgettable journey that resonates deeply with the consumer’s need/desire for exclusivity and fine detail.”

“We are excited about our collaboration with LAMH. Together, we’re blending LAMH bespoke service with Shiji’s guest-first technology, including our Cloud PMS for the luxury hotel sector, to elevate the guest experience to unprecedented levels of excellence. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to innovation and shaping the future of luxury hospitality, where every interaction is not just memorable but truly transformative.” Nikkie Singh, Senior Vice President of Shiji APAC & Middle East shared.

LAMH is offering Hotel owners/investors and management companies advisory/consulting services to boost revenue and profitability per occupied room, and timeless food and beverage concepts.

About LAMH: 

Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) is a leader in the luxury hospitality sector, committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive profitability and operational excellence. With offices in Thailand and the United States, LAMH partners with institutional investors and property owners to optimize revenue per available room and enhance overall financial performance. LAMH’s is an idea to reality company with innovative food and beverage concepts which help increase the TRevPAR (total revenue per available room). By aligning brand identity with market expectations, LAMH ensures that the hotel owners, institutional investors, and hotel management companies achieve sustainable financial growth and a strong competitive position in the global marketplace.

About Shiji

Shiji is a multi-national technology company that provides software solutions and services for enterprise companies in the hospitality, food service, retail, and entertainment industries, ranging from hospitality technology platforms, hotel property management solutions, food and beverage and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, spa and activity management, online reputation management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji today comprises over 5,000 employees in 80+ subsidiaries and brands in over 31 countries, serving more than 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants, and 600,000 retail outlets.

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